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YMCA Fairthorne Manor

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Post 77: YMCA Fairthorne Manor

So If You Read My Last Blog Then You Will Probably Know I Am/Went To YMCA Fairthorne Manor! This Will Be A Long Blog So If You Don't Want To Read All Of This Head Over To Some Of My Other Blogs!

So Now I Will Tell You My Timetable:

N/A     N/A     Crate Challenge     Team Challenge     Games
Abseiling     Aerial Runway     Orienteering     Aqua Slide     Games
Canoeing     Sailing     Low Ropes     Fire Lighting     Campfire
Kayaking     Raft Building     Pioneering     Water Ecology
Initiative Tests     Blind Trail     N/A     N/A

So As You Can Already Tell I Was Quite Busy, Nearly Doing 4 Activites Every Day!

So Lets Work Our Way Down -

Crate Challenge Is Where You Stack Up Crates In Partners (With A Harness On) And You Can't Drop The Crates Or Fall Off! If You Fall Off, Your Go Is Over!

Team Challenge Is Very VERY Muddy! Almost Too Muddy! You Crawl Around In Mud And Go Through Tyres Covered In Mud! I Was Trying SO Hard Not To Get Muddy, But I Did Anyway!

The Last Ones (Games, Campfire, Etc.) Are What We Did At Night! So We Played Games Like Man Hunt And Back To Base! I Got So Tired After The First Night!

Then We Had An Hour To Get Ready For Bed And That May Sound Like Alot Of Time But When Your Like Me And Just Lay Around All The Time, You Need That Hour! I Was Already Tired And Went To Bed Straight Away!

On Tuesday:

We Did Abseiling And You Probably Already Know What That Is But If You Don't Then Bascically It's Sliding Down A Wall And You Can Control How Fast And Slow You Go By Holding On To The Rope In Different Ways! If You Go Or Have Gone You Will Understand What I Mean!

People Were Really Confused About Aerial Runway! AKA Zip Wire! There Was 2! A Lake One And A Longer One! I Managed To Get A Chance On Both But Some People Just Went On The Lake One As That Was Much Faster And The Longer One Needed People To Bring The Zip Wire Back! (Like At The Park!)

Orienteering Is Going Around And Marking When You Find Clippy Things And Clip Them On Paper! To Make A Mark To Prove You Found It! Me And My Group Found 6 Out Of 20 But Think About This! Fairthorne Manor Is 111 Acres Long And They Were Spread Out All Over That! It Was A Long Walk!

After That We Went Straight To The Aqua Slide! The Aqua Slide Is A Wet Slide And You Can Slide Down It And You Can Go Really Far! Some Of The Boys In My Group Did A Mile Run Up And Still Managed To Get Far! I Just Did Tiny Run Ups! If Your Going To Do It, Keep Your Arms And Legs Up And You Will Go Farther! I Came 5th Out Of 11!

Then We Did The Same Games But In A Forest, And Bed!


Canoeing Was Really Fun! I Did It With 2 Boys And Another Girl But Then One Of The Boys Felt Sea Sick So We Had To Go Back To Shore And Drop Him Off! After About 20 Mins (Activites Are 1 Hour 30 Mins Each) We Picked Another Boy! But He Did NOTHING But Moan And BRAG About How Good He Is At Canoeing!? Why? So Then We Dropped Him Off Again And By Then We Had To Get Out!

You Probably Already Know What Sailing Is But We Did It And I Steered Whilst Others Paddled! I'm Not Sure If Your Actually Supposed To Paddle So Tell Me In The Comments If You Are! I Fell Into The Water On Sailing But Luckily Only With One Foot! It Was So Muddy And Cold I Needed To Put Them In The Drying Room...

Low Ropes Is An Obstacle Course And It's Quite Hard! I Was The Only Person That Went In This Tunnel But I Didn't Finish It! It Was Too Dark! I Have A Phobia Of The Dark! The Leap Of Faith Came With The Low Ropes, And You Probably Know What That Is! Leap Of Faith Is Where You Hold Onto A Rope And Swing! Easy Right? Well It's BIG And Has Muddy Water Underneath! First Go I Didn't Let Go So I Had To Jump In (Luckily It's Only Knee High) But On The Second Time I Went SPLAT! Into The Water! I Tasted Horrible!

Fire Lighting Was Pretty Self - Explanitory! We Just Made A Few Fires And We Managed To Keep It Going Whilst The Other Groups' Went Out! We Didn't Have Time For Marshmallows Which Was Sad But I Got More Used To Fire!

Then Was The Campfire! We Sang Some Songs And Did Some Dancing With 3 Other Schools! They Were Much More Local Then Us As We Had To Travel For 1 Hour 30 Mins To Get There!


Kayaking Was One Of My Fav Activites! I Didn't Get Capsized (Fall In) Which Was Cool But One Boy Fell In Before I Had Even Got Onto The Water! Apparently It's Becuase The Boats Aren't Good Enough! You Wish! We Did A Race But Everyone Was Faster Then Me So I Decided I Would Just Hang Out With My Bestie! It's Actually Really Hard To Stay Next To Someone When Your In A Kayak! You Keep Floating Away!

In Raft Building We Built A Raft Out Of Logs And Barrels! We But 2 Longs So We Could Sit On It Then 4 Barrels On The Corners! After We Had Finished We Had To Go Into The Water With It And See If It Could Float! I Did! But To Be Extra Sure It Floated We Had To Stand Up (Already Really Scary) And Jump (And It Just Got Scarier) I Technically Didn't Jump Becuase I Didn't Want To Fall In! Another Group's Raft Fell Apart Completely And Then Went Into The Water! I Didn't Fall In...

Pioneering Is Basically Building Things! You Have To Build Something And You Got A Hour To Do It! We Built A Platform (Which Was Already Hard Enough!) And The Other Group Tried To Build A Bomb Shelter But The Ended Up With 2 Logs Put Togever! After We Had Built Our Platform We Wanted It To Be Something Different! So We Called It A Stage! I Performed And We All Jumped And Danced Around On It!

Water Ecology (Pond Dipping) Was Cool! Everyone Went In The Water But I Decided Not To As I Was Already Freezing Cold! I Didn't Find Anything So We Went Over To A Different Lake And I Spent The Whole Time Asking A Boy "Would You Be Happy If..." Questions As He Was Sad! Everyone Was Teasing Him About Having A Girlfriend Called Clair The Eclair! It Didn't Work :(

Then We Had A Disco For Our Last Night And I Put Make Up On! They Had Lots Of Cool Songs I Could Listen To As It Was A No Gadget Week! Although The Teachers Were Aloud Gadgets...


Initiative Tests Is Having Trust And Teamwork With Other People! There Was A Boy (I'm Metioning Lots Of Boys In This Blog?) And He Kept Chucking Sticks At Me! I Was Not Happy And We Did A Thing Where You Put You Legs On Another Person And Then Someone Else Puts There Legs On You (Like A Square Shape) And You Do A Push Up! I Managed To Do It With Someone Who Was Super Heavy! Yay! Then We Had 10 Mins Left So We Went On A Bouncy Pillow And That Was Wet So I Slipped Over A Million Times!

Blind Trail Was Really Scary! You Put On A Blind Fold And Hold A Wire To Show You Where To Go! I Got Really Scared As There Was 3 Tunnels And I Didn't Know When I Would Bump Into Them! This Got Me Understanding People Who Are Blind A Bit Better And To Get To Know The Struggle Of It!

Then We Were Travelling Back Home!

Things I Didn't Mention Was The Tuck Shop! You Could Buy Sweets Or Souveniers! I Bought Souveniers For My Family And For Me! This Is What I Bought -

My Onsie Is Underneath That So The Spotty Arms Aren't Part Of It! These Tops Were Quite Popular So I Got A Lime Green One And It Says (If You Can't Read It) YMCA Fairthorne Manor! It's Really Comfy!

So In This Pic It Looks More Like Blue Then Turquoizy But It Pretty So I Thought I Would Get It! It Says "YMCA Fairthorne Manor Adding Value To Young Lives"!

Thats All About Fairthorne Manor! I Thought It Was Really Cool And Gave Good Entertainment! This Blog Was Nice And Long For You Guys And This Made Sound Weird But It Took Me Over A Day To Write! 

Incase You Want To Know I Brought £15 And Came Back With £2 So I Spent Nearly All My Money!

Things In This Blog!

Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

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