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Trapped - Escape The Tower

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Post 78: Trapped - Escape The Tower

So I Came Across This Game When I Was On The CBBC Website And I've Played It And I Thinks It's Cool! Heres My Review!

So First You Pick A Character! I Picked This One -

They Don't Have The Prettiest Characters But I Played With This One Coz I Like Her Dress!

Then It Told Us About The Game! The One I Captured Was Called Body Shock - 

The Mouth At The Top Is Telling You What To Do And I Watch The Programme And Everyone Says It's A Man But I Don't Know!

Then They Pick A Sabatour (They Try To Make You Lose!) - 

So They Pick A Sabatur (They Tell You If It's You, You'll See Later) And You Don't Know Who They Are!

So You Play The Game And Then You Need To Pick Who You Think Is The Sabatour! -

You All Stand In This Room And Then They Ask You And You Click On Who You Think Is The Sabatour!

Theres Also A Game Called Fairy Trials! I Fairy Comes Out And You Pick Whether It's Good Or Bad! I Took This Pic At The Wrong Time But Yeah - 

In This Game We Got All Of Them Right! - 

The Yellow Means You Got It Right, The Red Means It's Wrong And It Works Like That For All The Games!

Then On One Of The Floors You Get To Lay In Bed - 

Ignore The Person In Front Of The Bed! But I Would LOVE That Game!

On The Next Floor I Was The Sabatour - 

It Was Very Scary And I Didn't Do A Good Job Becuase If They Team Pass (Which They Did!) You Are Automatically Trapped!

Which I Was - 

You Can Kind Of See Me Through The Window, You Can Click On The Pic For A Closer Look!

Then When You Get Trapped It Says "Do You Want To Play Again?" Or "Do You Want To Play Another Game"

So I Totally Reccomend This Game I Think It's Really Fun So Be Sure To Check It Out!

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Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

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