Sunday, 29 November 2015

My Makeup Tutorial!

Post 124: My Makeup Tutorial!

So I Uploaded A New Youtube Video -

So I Wanted To Do A Tutorial For Children (Because Obviously, I'm A Child)! 

What That Means Is That I Don't Put Billions And Billions Of Makeup (Yeah Doesn't Make Sense...) On Like Teenagers Do!

So I Don't Put Foundation On And Stuff Like That...
But There Is Children's Blusher And Something That Acts As Bronzer!

So I Would Be Sure To Check This Video Out, Tell Me If You Like It And Any Other Makeup Tutorials That You Want Me To Do!

Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

Saturday, 28 November 2015

My Voo - Doo Dolls...

123 My Voo - Doo Dolls...

So After This Blog Most Of You Are Gonna Think I'm Really Creepy...

But I'm Gonna Do It Anyway!

So I Have 3 Voo - Doo Dolls (Which I Have Recently Started To Collect) And So Here Is What They Look Like! -


  1. This Is All Of Them Together!
  2. This Is Voo - Doo - I Got Him First!
  3. This Is Doo - Voo - I Got Him Second!
  4. This Is Voo - Voo - I Got Him Last From A Boy At My School (He Knew I Was Collecting Them...)
So I Find Them Cool And 'Out Of The Box' And If You Want To Start A Collection But Don't Know How Then You Can Comment Or Email Me!

Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

Friday, 27 November 2015

Trouble At School

          STELLA BLOWS
Post 122: Trouble At School

So I'm Having Some Trouble At School!

Well To Be Fair I Always Have Trouble At School!

But This Is Trouble...

So Here Goes:

So I Have A (Used To Be) Bestie And To Read Her Blog Click Here And You Can Read It (So Far She's Only Done 5 Blogs But Yeah...)! So Anyway, She's Been Through A Lot With Me So I Don't Really Want To Lose Her And She's Teamed Up With One Of My Friends (Well Used To Be My Friend) And Now They're Both Just Telling On Me And My Best Friend (Still My Best Friend) And Yeah... Also If You Want To Know, This All Started Because Me And My Best Friend Came Up With A Really Cool Idea That We Wanted To Do Together!

You Don't Have To Include Everyone In Everything Do You?

Thanks For Reading And If This Has Happened To You Before Or You're Having An Argument Now Then You Can Email Here  And I Will Happily Help OR You Can Comment Down Below And You Can Other People Helping You Too!

Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015


          STELLA BLOWS

So As People That Watch My Youtube Know, It Was....

MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Love My Birthday!

So I Uploaded A Video Of Everything I Got For My B - Day! Here It Is -

So You Can Watch This And See Everything That I Got!

And Here's A Picture Of All My Pressies! -

And Then We Decided To Go To The Lamb, But Then It Wasn't Open...

So That We Went To The Yeomans For Dinner!

Here Are Some Pictures From The Yeomans (Oh And Videos!)

Here IExplanationsns! - 

  1. There Was A Christmas Section Where Santa (Father Christmas) Will Sit When He Comes And I Thought It Looked Really Pretty So I Decided That I Would Take A Picture!
  2. This Is My Dad And My Sister In A Picture! It Was Double Flash So She Blinked!
  3. This Is Me And My Dad! My Mum Took This (And She's Not Very Good) So It's A Little Blurry!
  4. This Is Coral Sprinkling Some Of The Snow (Fake Snow) That They Had In The Christmas Display!
  5. This Is The Light That Was Above Our Table!
  6. Me Randomly Dancing! I Had To Tell Coral To Stop Because She Was Filming For Too Long!
  7. The Moon Looked Pretty...
  8. Me And My Nan! It Was Double Flash (As I Said) So My Nan Was A Victim Of The Flash...
  9. My Mum By Herself!
  10. This Is My Family Altogether At The Table! Look At My Sister's Face!
  11. And Last But Not Least, This Is My Meal! I Had A Mini Pizza, Criss - Cross Chips And Sweetcorn! How Different...
And Then We Came Back For Cake And Stuff - 

So It Went From Full And Nice To... A Mess!

It's A PiƱata Cake In Case You Were Wondering!

So Hope You Enjoyed My Birthday As Much As I Did!

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Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

Monday, 23 November 2015

How To Follow Someone On Blogger

Post 119: How To Follow Someone On Blogger

So, Guys, I Was Just Thinking, 'I Have No Followers, Maybe People Don't Need To Read My Blog?!'

Then I Thought, 'What If They Don't Know How To Follow Me?'

Ok, So I Just Realised It Sounds A Bit Like I'm Desperate For Followers...


But Here We Go!:

(Also You Need Your Own Blog So You Might Want To Create One Just For Following, Or You Might Have One. If You Need To Know How To Create One I Have A Blog So You Can Read That!)

So You Go To Blogger And It Should Come Up With A Page That Looks A Little Like This -

I Just Realised That The Top Bit's Grey And I Think It's Because I Made It Highlight Blue And Then I Clicked Off And - 

Yeah... Long Story...

So When You Get To There You Click On "Add"!

So Then You Click On Add And It Will Take You To...

So Even Though The Button You Have To Press Is "Add" It Is Still Following Because If You Look At The Picture At The Bottom It Says FOLLOW!

So You Add The URL Into That Slot And Then You Can Choose To Add Multiple Blogs At The Same Time!

Then You Can Choose To Follow Them Anonymously Or I Can See Who You Are! (You Can Also Comment Or Press "Learn More" If You're Still Confused!)


And Then You Get Updates When They Have Made A New Blog So You Can Know When I Make A New Blog And Any Other Bloggers That You May Like!

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Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!
P.S. You Don't Have To Follow Me If You Don't Want To!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Renaming Things

Post 118: Renaming Things

So This Will Seem Like It's Permanent The First Time You Do It, But When You Know How You Can Trick All Your Friends!

So Here We Go!

This Is Where You Can Rename Things! This Will Stay Till You Refresh! :

  1. So Firstly You Right Click (Yeah You Can Only Do This On PC) And Click Inspect Element! (Sorry Can't Capture This!)
  2. Then Your Mouse Goes To The Place Where You Can Double Click! - 
As You Can (Kinda) See, I Have Pressed "Inspect Element" On United Kingdom!

   3. Then You Double Click On What You Pressed "Inspect Element" On (So I Clicked It On United Kingdom) And Then It Has A White Box Around It! - 

   4. Then You Can Change It To Anything You Want! - 

And  the United States Is Alongside The... Happy Peppers!

Remember That You Can Do This With Any Site And You Can Change It To Anything You Want! 

You Can Fool Your Friends!

Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

Monday, 16 November 2015

Pray For Paris

Post 116: Pray For Paris

So By The Title Of This Blog, You Probably Know What I'm Talking About!

So If You Don't Know This Picture May Jog Your Memory! -

Ok So It's A Bit Blurry But You Can Still See It, Right?

I Posted This On Instagram (singster_blows) Too Because I Want To Share My Love To The People 
In France (Mostly Paris) And That I Will Help Them With Anything That They Need!

I Just Wanted To Talk About This.

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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Walking Home Photography

          STELLA BLOWS
Post 115: Walking Home Photography

So I Was Walking Home With Annabel (One Of My Friends) Here's A Youtube Video With Her In -

That's Me And Annabel! Be Sure To Check That Video Out On Youtube And Comment!

So Here Is The Photography That I Took! -

That Took Me Ages To Get All These Pictures On This Blog! Here Are Some Explications!

  1. I Just Decided To Take A Picture Of This Twig! Just Because I Can!
  2. This Is The Trunk Of The Tree!
  3. This Is The Sign Of Rustington! By The Way, If You Think You Know Where I Live, I Live Ages Away From Here!
  4. I Thought This Looked Really Cute!
  5. This Is An Old People's Home...
  6. Some Leaves On The Big Bush!
  7. This Is The Same Tree As Picture 2! But It's The Top!
  8. Some Trees And A Random Person's House!
  9. This Is One Of Those Pictures That Everyone Takes! 
  10. That Is Annabel Photo Bombing Infront Of This Tree!
  11. And This Is Annabel, Marketing Her Lunchbox!
  12. Some Bushs (Comment If You See The Dead One!)!
  13. And Half - Living And Half - Dead!
So If You Like These Pictures Be Sure To Comment Which One's Your Favourite!

Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Beach Photography

Post 114: Beach Photography

So I Went To The Beach The Other Day Because I Had To Do Some Homework For School And I Chose This!

Here They Are -

So Here's A Little Explanation About Each Of These Pictures!

  1. This Is My Favourite Picture That I Took! It Has 4 Layers, The Sand, Wet Sand, Seaweed And The Sea!
  2. This Was A Puddle In Between Some Rocks!
  3. This Was A Mini Flowing Stream! Our Homework Is About Rivers So I Thought This Would Be Cool, Seeing As Most Rivers Flow!
  4. This Is The Beach From Another Angle! 
  5. This Is One Of Those Photos That Everyone Takes! I Decided To Do It In A Puddle Though!
  6. This Is Coral Climbing On The Rocks! She Wanted Me To Take A Picture Of Her So She Posed And I Took!
  7. This Is The Sea (Which Was Out) And There's A Lot Of Seaweed!
So I Hope You Enjoyed Looking At These Pictures! If You Did, Comment Which One's Your Favourite (You Can Comment Without And Account!) And If You Didn't Like It Then... Still Comment Which One's Your Favourite!

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Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

P.S. In That Last Part I Got Myself In A Weird Position...

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

New Camera

          STELLA BLOWS
Post 112: New Camera

So As An Early Birthday Present (Yes, It's My Birthday Soon!) I Got A Camera!

Is The Camera New?
No. It's My Mum's Old One But Now She Has An Ipod So She Doesn't Need It Any More!
Why Do You Need/Have A Camera?
If You Didn't Know I Love Photography! That's Why!
Did Anyone Else Get Anything?
Yeah, My Mum Had Another Camera (A Bit Smaller One) And She Gave That To My Sister!
So Will You Always Have Pictures In Your Blog?
If I Daily Blog Then Not Always Because I Won't Always Have A Photo To Go With The Blog, But I Will Try To Put Pictures In My Blog!
Can You Record On That Camera?
Yes, You Can! I Might Do Some Youtube Videos And Stuff Like That!
What Camera Is It?
I Don't Exactly Know What It's Called (Because It Says A Lot Of Different Names!) But It Says, Sony, Cyber - Shot, Carl Zeiss, Vario - Tessar, MPEGMOVIEVX! If You Know What This Camera Is Actually Called (Or Why It Has So Many Names) Then be Sure To Leave It In The Comments!
What Have You Done With Your Camera So Far?
So I Have Taken Some Pictures Of When I Was Walking Home Today With My Friend, And For My Homework - The Beach! I Will Be Putting These Both In A Blog Either Today Or Tomorrow!
Is The Camera Good Quality?
Yes, It Is Better Quality Then A Phone Or Tablet Because You Can Zoom In And Out And It Has Lots Of Different Fonts (I Can't Remember What It's Actually Called) For Different Environments!
Are You Enjoying Your Camera?
Well Obviously! Otherwise, I Wouldn't Be Writing This Blog!

So Be Sure To Stay Tuned For More Blogs With Pictures!

Things In This Blog
My Mum's Youtube!
My Photography Blog
My Youtube
Cyber - Shot Cameras
Carl Zeiss
Vario - Tessar

Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

P.S. That Was A Lot Of "Things In This Blog"!

Monday, 9 November 2015

My Sisters Instagram

          STELLA BLOWS
Post 110: My Sisters Instagram

So I Just Realised That Sisters Has An 's So Yeah...

But I Can't Be Bothered To Add It In!

So This Is Just A Short Blog Telling You About My Sisters New Instagram (Another Blog Come Out After This One!)

So It Was Very Hard To Get Her A Instagram Account Because I Had (Accidentally) Used Her Email In My Instagram Account...

But That Account Had Now Been Shut Down And Locked Out.

So I Had To Renew That Email Only To Find That It Won't Work Today, Come Back Tommorow!


Why Won't It Work?

So I Just Used My Email Because I Actually Use My Blog Email For That Instagram! (It's Not Just A Blog Instagram, It's A Everything Bussinessy Email!)

So Yeah!

If You Want To Follow Me And/Or Coral Then Here Are Our Names:

  1. Mine - singster_blows
  2. Coral's - cordycorbooboo
So Be Sure To Follow Us And Like Our Post/s!

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