Tuesday, 25 August 2015

What I Do When I'm Bored

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Post 26: What I Do When I'm Bored

So It's Coming To The Time Of The Holiday Where Everyone Is Bored And Has Nothing To Do! If Your Like Me Then You Will Spend ALL Day On Gadgets Watching Your Fav Youtubers And Music And Don't Do Anything With That Day!

I Would Call That Fun! Others Would Call It Boring...

So Heres What I Do When I'm Bored!

1. I Make Up A Song! If You Like Music Then You Might Like Creating A Song! Even If It's Not Very Good! If You Wanna Check Out My Songs I'll Leave A Link To My Youtube!

2. I Go Outside! The Outside Is One Of The Earths Beauty's! It's Natural And Easy To Do So Try It!

3. I Try Something New! So The Other Day I Tried Doing Some Art! I'm Not Good At Art! :\

4. Write A Story! Let Out Your Creativity Into Words! If You Write A Story Give Me A Sample! I'd Love To Hear It!

5. Make A Blog Or A Youtube! This Is Still Kinda On Gadgets But Its Fun! And Your Doing Something New!

So Thats What I Do! If You Do Any Of These Things Be Sure To Tell Me In The Comments!

Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

Monday, 24 August 2015

What I Look Like

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Post 22: What I Look Like

Ok So I Was Looking Back At My Blogs And I Realised That I Haven't Shown You What I Look Like! So You May Stop Reading My Blogs When You See Me, That Would Be Sad :(

So I'm Sorry This Isn't A Very Good Camera I Took It Online! (The Camera's Online? Seriously?)

So Here You Go...

So Yes Some Features...

I Have Big Front Teeth! People Call Me Bugs Bunny!

I Have Short Brown Hair! My Hair Is Lighter Then It Is In The Picture But As I Said, Online Cameras!

I Like Denim Clothing I'm Also Wearing These Denim Jeans...

Yes I Am A Fan Of Denim!

I Have Greeny - Browny Eyes! I Used To Have A Really Green Colour But Now Its Got Browner!

So This Is A Bit More About Me And Hopefully I Will Be Posting More Pictures Of Me On My Blog For You But I Don't Have A Camera And Yeah...

Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

My Future Self

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Post 17: My Future Self

Ok So You Guys May Have Heard Of Or Even Played My Future Self! If Not I'll Leave A Link To It!

So My Future Self Is A Game Where You Can Talk With Yourself In 20 Years! You Can Ask Yourself Questions About The Future And Some Of The Things Are Pretty Cool!

So At The Beginning You Take A Pic Of Yourself And Match Up Different Parts! Then After About 5 Seconds It Comes Up With You! Bewarned, You Look VERY Creepy! This Is Me...

Like Seriously? I Look Nothing Like That! It's Seriously Hilarious!

So Sorry This Was Such A Short Blog I Just Thought I Would Share With You That I Was Playing This! I Totally Recommend Checking Out And Talking To Your Future Self!

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My Future Self

Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

Saturday, 8 August 2015

20 Facts About Me

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Post 12: 20 Facts About Me

Hi Guys! So For This Blog I Decided To Tell You 20 Facts About Me So You Could Get To Know Me A Little Bit Better! Maybe Then Some Of You Might Feel More Comfortable Reading My Blogs!

1: I Am 10 Years Old! (I Know I'm Not Aloud To Be On Like Blogger Or Youtube Yet But Other People Have!)
2: My FAV Chocolate Bar Is Bournville By Cadbury! I Totally Recommend It! (Its Dark Chocolate BTW!)
3: I Have Performed In Front Of 150 - 200 People At A Wedding! I Sang The Power Of Love In The Style Of Gabrille Aplin!
4: My Favourite Band Is Bastille! Theyre Not Very Popular But I Just Love Them!
5: I Am On Popjam! My Name Is Stellastargirl! I Also Have Another Account Called StellablowsYoutube. I Don't Really Go On That One Much!
6: I Am Half - Moldovian (Not Half Russian)
7: I Have Been Blogging For About 2 Months Now And Am Enjoying Every Moment Of It!
8: I Am In Year 6 Now And Am Really Excited About Being The Oldest In The School
9: I Have Been Bullied Once (Verbally)
10: I Have Moved House Once!
11: My Fav Thing About The Cinema Is Theyre Toffee Popcorn! I Love It!
12: I Have 3 Friends And They Are All So Nice! (These Are My Main School Friends, I Do Still Have Other Friends!)
13: I Don't Have A Boyfriend I Broke Up With My One Last Year!
14: I Have Made 6 Vids On Youtube, 3 Singing 3 Just Random Videos! (Be Sure To Check My Channel Out!)
15: I Did Have An Instagram Account But Then It Kept Asking For My Phone Number And I Dont Have A Phone And Then After A Few Months It Deleted My Account!
16: I Dont Have A Fav Song I Think Its Too Hard To Pick One When There Are So Many Interesting Ones That I Havent Even Heard Of!
17: I Have A Karoke Machine In My Room!
18: My Mum And Dad Are Togever!
19: My Fav Lesson At School Is Either Free Leson (Do Whatever You Want), Music Or Drama!
20: I Have Written This Very Long Blog For You And I Hope You Enjoy!

Okay So Congrats If You Manageed To Read All Of That!

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Thanks For Reading, Stella Blows Out!