Friday, 11 September 2015

Scientist That Fire Breaths?

          STELLA BLOWS
Post 60: Scientist That Fire Breaths?

So Before I Start This Blog I Wanna Say Sorry For Not Blogging Today! I've Had Quite A Busy Day!

Normally, You Would Imagine Scientists As Nerdy And Into Comics, But Not This Scientist! Oh No!

Today We Had A Man In Called Mr. Kane! He Has A Degree In Science And Came In To Teach Us About Science!

We Did That Really Old Trick With The Corn Flower And Water! You Have To Add Water Really Slowly, Then It Should Be A Solid And Liquid (Kinda) At The Same Time! Then We Added Blue Food Colouring Just To Make It That Bit More Excited!

Then After A Really Excited Assembly (My Next Blog!) We Came Back And He Did Something Really Cool!

He Did Firebreathing!

He Ate Something Then Put Fire Into His Mouth And Blew The Powder And Fire Out His Mouth!


The Only Flaw Was That He Stained The Carpet And My Teacher Laughed But I Don't Think She Was Very Happy!

So I Think It Was Really Cool And I Thank Him For Doing This For Us!

Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

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