Monday, 14 September 2015

Things To Do If Your Bored!

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Post 68: Things To Do If Your Bored!

So You Know That Time When You Are On A Gadget And You Feel Really Bored?! Well Then This Blog Is Perfect For You!

  • Write A Story! (Let Your Imagination Out!)
  • Do Some Experiments! (Obviously Ask Your Parents First!
  • Start Something New (A Blog, Youtube Etc., Check Out My Making A Blog Blog!)
  • Go To A Shop! (You Can Buy Anything, Not Too Many Sweets!)
  • Bake Something (If You Are Small Ask Your Parents!)
  • Look Up Interesting Questions (Who Created The English Language Etc.)
  • Pretend You Are In A Dream! (Maybe You Want To Be An Actress? Try That!)
So Thats Some Things You Can Do! If You Have Anything Else Then Be Sure To Comment Them Down Below!
I Would Also Love To See Your Blogs So Be Sure To Comment Them Down Below And I Will Check Them Out!

If You Do Any Of These Things Then Cool! Send Me A Pic On Google Hangouts (Stella Blows!) And I Will Be Super Happy!

Things In This Blog!

Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

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