Friday, 18 September 2015


          STELLA BLOWS
Post 74: Photography!

So If You Didn't Know, I'm Really Into Photography!

So I Just Found That It Links Your Phone (Or Other Gadget) To Blogger And I Have Been Taking Pics On My Tablet! Here They All Are (With Explinations!)

So This Is The First Pic I Took! It's My Vase That I Cracked My Head On (Check Out My Next Blog!) I Thought It Would Be Cool To Go Down A Bit More!

So This Doesn't Look Too Good But Anyway! I Just Decided To Peer Through To The Rest Of My Living Room!

This Is Probably My Fav! It's My Mum's Orchids! I Thought They Were Good For Close - Ups!

This Goes Near My Fireplace!  It's A Candle And Some Autumn Things! A Birds - Eye View!

These Are My Lights Turned Onto Full! This Looked Cool (I Thought!)

This Is The Same Candle From The Autumny One On A Pretty Podium!

I Made My Sister Pose For This Pic!

You Probably Think This Is A Small Small Guitar But No! It's A Ukelale! My Sisters! I Thought This Looked Cool!

And Thats All Of Them!

At The Moment I'm Trying (Trying) To Pan Up To The Orchid!

If You Have Any Idea's Then Be Sure To Let Me Know!

Things In This Blog!

Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!


  1. I really like the orchid pic and the light one well done x x love you loads

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