Saturday, 5 September 2015

Pitch Perfect

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Post 41: Pitch Perfect

So Most Of You Have Watched Pitch Perfect! Becuase I Love Singing I Love That Film!

I Like The Storyline And Everything!

By The Way This May Be A Bit Of A Long Blog Becuase I'm Going To Answer Questions!

Who's Your Fav Charecter?
My Fav Is Obviously Fat Amy!(Patricia)
Whats Your Fav Performance?
I Have 2 These Are The 2 -

Do You Like Becca's Roommate?
Obviously Not! (Well Exept From The End!)
What's Your Fav Thing About Pitch Perfect?
The Music!
Are You Planning On Watching Pitch Perfect 2?
Yes When It Gets Shown On TV I'm Gonna Watch It!
You Do Know Pitch Perfect Has Swering In!?
You Get Swearing Everywhere Now! You Just Have To Pretend It's Normal!
Do You Like Becca's Cups (When I'm Gone)?
Yes I Think That Song Is AWESOME!
Whats Your Fav Part Of The Whole Film?
The Riff Off! I Think It's Got Lots Of Good Performances In It!
What Do You Think Of That Scene Where They Sing Titanium In The Showers?
I'm Not Going To Answer That!
Does Anna Kendrick (Becca) Have A Blog?
Yes She Has 2! (I'll Leave Them Down Below!)
Do You Think Some Of Becca's Behaviour Is Appropriate? (Shouting At People!)
I Think Sometimes She Over Reacts When People Are Helping Her But Everything Gets That!
Do You Like The Film?
Of Course! Why Would I Be Doing This Blog If I Didn't!

And So That Was A Little More About Me Pitch Perfect Wise! I Hoped You Enjoyed And If You Think I Could Of Done Better Be Sure To Let Me Know In The Comments!

Things In This Blog
The Riff Off
Anna Kendrick Blog 1
Anna Kendrick Blog 2

Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

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