Saturday, 16 April 2016

World War 1/ Salvation Army Doughnuts

So for my homework, we made these DELICIOUS doughnuts! I'm not actually kidding, they were really nice!

So (as you can see in the pictures) we made normal (well a bit smaller than normal but...) sized doughnuts and then we made really small ones! We got the smaller ones from when you cut the middle out of the doughnuts...

So here's how you make it:

You will need: (Serves 32 - 36)

2 eggs
2 tablespoons of butter
1 cup of sugar
Just a little bit less than a cup of milk
4 cups of flour
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
4 teaspoons of baking soda/powder
1 teaspoon of salt
powdered sugar (just grind normal sugar :D)

Here's how you make them! :

  1. Beat the eggs in a bowl until they are light and lemon coloured
  2. Gradually add the sugar and beat all together until the mixture thickens 
  3. Combine the flour, baking powder and salt in another bowl
  4. Add the dry ingredients alternating with additions of butter, milk and vanilla to the egg mixture
  5. Still until the flour is moistened
  6. Chill for 1 hour
  7. Preheat oil in a deep - fryer (basically a deep pan)
  8. Roll out to about 1/2" thickness
  9. Cut using doughnut cutter (I just used random things that were circular)
  10. Fry until golden - brown (they literally take about 10 seconds on each side - watch them carefully)
  11. Sprinkle with powdered sugar
  12. Serve them to your friends and/or family!
I hope you enjoy them! Tag me in any photos you make on Instagram (singster_blows) and other social media (just not twitter)

 I look forward to seeing them!

Real recipe here

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

I'm crushing on a boy I will never have :'(

So basically there’s a boy that goes to my drama and I have a crush on him… He’s funny, cool, stuff like that. My whole class (well the girls) knows his name but they don’t actually know who he is… Which is good. I don’t know what to do!
He is 13 (I’m 11) and he doesn’t go to my school and I won’t be going to his when I move up to secondary school! I also (possibly) think he has a girlfriend… I mean why wouldn’t he!? He’s friends with a lot of girls in my drama especially one and they seem really good friends which is good but I wish he would be like that with me… Ya know? Also, what doesn’t help the fact is that another girl in my class went today too so she knows exactly what he’s like and she will probably tell the WHOLE ENTIRE CLASS AND POSSIBLY HIM!!!
I really don’t know what to do. He does smile at me sometimes and tries to make excuses to talk to me at times but that’s it! I’m WAYYYYYY too nervous to tell him I like him… I’m not that close to him and he probably doesn’t like meeeeeeeeeeee! Please comment what I should do!!!! Thank youuuuuuuu!!!

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Storytime | Cheating Boy

So I've seen plenty of these 'storytime' videos floating around YouTube but seeing as they don't really fit with my YouTube theme I decided I would write a blog storytime! Stay tuned because there are plenty more of these to come!

So basically this happened around a month ago (possibly more) and this boy had a girlfriend. It wasn't me but I liked him so I told him. I kind of regret that now. He said he liked me too and I was really happy! He also said he was going to dump his girlfriend so he could go out with me!


This carried on for a couple of weeks until I finally asked him if he actually was going to dump his girlfriend. He said yes so I waited for another week until I had had enough of waiting around for him to do something! I asked him, sternly, are you going to dump your girlfriend and go out with me or are you going to stay with her?

He said he was going to stay with his girlfriend which made me sad, but I knew it was for the best.

I didn't have to wait long for him to change his mind, though! A few days later he said that he liked me, but that same day his girlfriend dumped him, she said she knew something was going on between us and she didn't want to be with someone that cheated. After that we barely spoke, she was my friend but it didn't seem like that anymore. </3

He then asked me out, but so ironic, I didn't like him anymore. I decided I would say yes anyway, but then, he prank dumped me. It hurt, a lot. I felt like all my friends were gone because of him and the fact it was a prank - so disrespectful!

I ended up stuck, I blocked him on Skype but later felt bad so I added him again. He said he was sorry but I knew he was only saying that. A couple of days later he asked me out again, expecting I would say yes, I didn't want to but my friends thought it would be funny and said yes to him without me knowing. I went along with it but later dumped him.

A few weeks later his girlfriend (they were on and off too) dumped him for good and the next day he gave me an easter egg saying that he always liked me but went out with her to be closer to me. I thought it was sweet but he wasn't fooling anyone. He asked me out but I said no, he still tried to make me like him.

Then his girlfriend set me up with him, I did know but I couldn't do anything to stop her! She thought it was a joke but I didn't want to go out with him! I dumped him later that day.

After that he asked his ex out, but she'd already moved on, then me again (I responded with an NO) and then his ex's best friend. We all said no until the girl that set me up with him asked him out! He really is desperate that he'll go out with anyone!

I am glad that I am out of his radar although he was flirting with me a little today, I'm gonna keep an eye on him - just in case!

I hope you enjoyed this blog, a little bit different, but if you would like more storytimes comment down below! Thank you for reading!

Monday, 4 April 2016

Hold Back The River - James Bay + Cover

So this song only has 5 - 6 notes (which makes it easy to learn, hence why I did) and that makes it one of the most simple songs to listen to and sing!

If you haven't heard this song (where have you been?) then here you go -

(Yep live performance :D) 

I decided that seeing as this song is simple it would be good for my first keyboard cover on my youtube! If you wanna listen click here - here
Or if you would prefer to just listen to it right here, right now then here you go - 

Lol! I had to make Coral film this for me and I purposely kept laughing so she would have to restart! I'm a mean person!

Anyway if you would like to sub to my youtube click here 

Also, click there if you wanna see more of my videos ^^^^

I hope you enjoyed, comment on my video or here what songs you would like me to do as a cover and I'll see if I can do them! Thanks for reading!!!