Wednesday, 2 September 2015

My Cute Fox.. Thing?

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Post 29: My Cute Fox.. Thing?

So If You Read My Blog, I'm Going Camping! Then You Will Know That I'm Going Camping! But I Don't Have Any Trainers! So Me And My Dad Went Into ASDA And Looked For Some, But We Got Some Extra Entertainment...

So We Went In And I Am Size 3! So We Looked In The Adult Section And Vwala! Trainers! But Then We Bumped Into A Lady From My Dads Work! She A Bit Crackers But In A Funny Way! My Dad Said "Why Aren't You At Work?" In A Joke Voice! 

To Get Back At Him She Kept Putting Really Nice Stuff Into The Trolley! Stuff Like Magazines And Sweets! Yay!

After She Had Gone We Went Into The Sale Area And I Got A Cute Fox Flower Pot!

Obviously I'm Not Going To Use It As A Flower Pot!

Heres A Picture Of It!

Yes Thats Me In The Back! And At The Front Is My Fox Flowerpot!


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