Saturday, 26 September 2015

Bognor Regis Folk Concert

          STELLA BLOWS
Post 79: Bognor Regis Folk Concert

So The Reason I Didn't Blog For Most Of Today Is Because I Went To This Concert! It Was Cool For A While! Then It Got A Bit Boring...

So We Went There And There Was Some People On! They Were Pretty Cool!

There Was A Marquee And An Actual Stage! I Think That The Stage Was Better But I Guess That Was My Opinion!

That's Kinda All I Have To Say About It!

Till An Hour It Was Fun Then I Started To Get A Bit Boring, Hearing The Same Thing Over And Over Again!

Well Mostly The Same!

There Was A 20 Yeah Old Girl And She Was Cool! My Fav In Fact!

So This Was A Short Blog But I Guess That Doesn't Matter Right?

Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

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