Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Camping at Weymouth/Rosewall

(In this blog I will be quoting things from my diary, when I do I will be putting the quoted text in " so you know! Hope you enjoy!)

So for 6 days (Sat 28th of May to Thurs 2nd June and partly Friday 3rd) my family and I went camping at a campsite called Rosewall in Weymouth. It had stunning sights and we did a lot there so I figured I would make a blog about it!

Day 1: Moving in

So the first picture is of when Coral and I were completely bored but we couldn't be bothered to help so then I got my camera out and took a wobbly selfie. The reason it blurred is because I dropped my camera as I took the picture... oops?

Then on our 2 - 3 - hour journey our car's 'safe mode' thing decided to slow down so we could only go a maximum of 20 mph which was annoying. We went into a car place (forgotten what it's called) but they didn't have anything to help so we carried on being a snail; we had to go even slower because we had a trailer! 

After we had to wait for my nan, mum and dad to put the tent up... it took a little while seeing as it's quite a big tent but they did get through it. At one point they asked me to hold a part of the tent and then I made part of the tent into a semi - good hat! 

Then I took a few selfies and whilst I was bored I went into the tent and started doing random gymnastics in the tent (I had a video but it didn't work) and then went outside to play football with Coral. She's quite good but it gets tiring when you have to run around to get the ball!

"After we went on an adventure to the beach. I wanted to go down a path but it was too steep and I wasn't aloud. Then we found a different path and we got to the beach. The stones were humongous and there was a really pretty waterfall." So yeah you can see the waterfall in some of the pictures - It's really pretty! I did manage to get to the middle of it (I stepped on a stone) but in the process, I fell into the water. My shoes got a little wet but luckily they dried quite quickly! I then took some photography of random things. If you're wondering why there's a picture of a cow it's because my nan was scared of it (we had a dog and she thought the cows would run after her) but they didn't even move! They just ate their grass! 

There's also a really creepy boat that never moved as well...

After we went to a pub called the smuggler's inn. Coral and I got ice - cream (which was quite expensive) and then we went off. Just so you know, Coral hacked my camera and took these 3 pictures.

Day 2: Unexpected swimming in the sea

So we started with a Friday - fry - up (even though it was on a Sunday) which was really nice. I had a bacon sandwich and a plain croissant. "Then we played outside until we decided to go to Halfords to fix our car. We found a beach and went there - the water was soooooo nice!"

 Coral and I decided we would go and swim in it, therefore getting our clothes wet, Everything about that was good except for the fact that I was freezing cold afterwards! Luckily I brought my jumper...

Also, we saw Punch and Judy (the show) there! They were quite funny, a little more inappropriate than you would expect but only mildly. They were one of the best Punch and Judy shows I've ever seen!

Then we came back and my dad got the kite out. It was quite hard to control because it only had one string but I did manage to move it around a little.

Afterwards, Coral and I decided to actually make use of the skateboards we got so we sat on our skateboards and skated down a hill that was there. Shortly after, my dad came and he taught me how to ride it standing up - seeing as he had done it when he was younger - and by the time we left the campsite I had got to the top of the small hill (which is a big thing for someone like me). Coral gave up straight away but it was quite funny, in a way...

Day 3: Walking up a mountain

"Today I woke up later than normal because we were only going climbing up A GIGANTIC MOUNTAIN! It took a little exploring but we managed to find a trail to get up get up to the top." My dad also made it funny! He had got new 'walking shoes' and (as a joke) he kept saying how great they are. Here's an example: I said, "This mountain is so steep!" he replied with, "Not if you have these walking shoes!" Eyeroll. I did manage to get quite good pictures and I found a new filter on my camera where you can have a subject and a blurry background and also a landscape filter. The first one is my favourite but I used them both quite a lot. I also took some pictures of Millie (my nan's dog) and she was really cute on this walk!

Then - I had to put this photo in - we came back and I talk a photo of Coral. I think she was getting into a stupid pose or something but when I looked back at the picture she had a really funny face! I am NEVER deleting this (it's also a good thing to keep for blackmail...).

Day 4: Bad golfing

Today was one of those days where you didn't know what to do. We didn't want to do anything too special (we were saving that for tomorrow) but then we didn't want to do anything boring. We decided to go to Henry VIII's stronghold but then it was small and apparently there was 'no point' so then we went on a hunt for something to do. We went to a little area that had Sea Life but that was too expensive (£80) so then we went to a golfing place next to it. I wasn't very good at the beginning but I think I got better as time went by. I came 3rd place (out of 4 places!),

Afterwards, we got ice - cream. I got a smarties pop - up (like old times) and I asked Coral to take a picture of me but then she took it unexpectedly and I don't look very good! Well done Coral!

We came back and it was raining. Millie really wanted to go outside but my nan didn't want the 'smell of wet dog' in the tent so she had to stay inside. I took a picture of her for blackmail if she went outside (yes you can blackmail a dog! :D). 

After my dad tried to cook a barbeque and because you can't have that type of thing in the tent he had to do it in the rain. He looked funny... I had to take a picture...!

Day 5: Too cold for swimming and shops

So we first turned up to the beach expecting to go swimming! We had our swimming costumes, towels, everything! Although British weather thought differently. We were so cold we couldn't! My nana and mum went off to the shops and we were left at the beach, looking after a dog. Coral seemed to enjoy it and I did a few things (like writing my name) and we also saw a really good sand statue by Sir David Attenborough. He's the same person that created Sand World so it was no surprise that he would make something like this. There was also quite a cool part where you could chuck money down a thing and it would make different machine sounds! It sounds weird but it was cool - I promise. 

Then we went into the shops ("which surprisingly wasn't boring") and I bought a postcard and a snow globe of the beach? I only realised it afterwards!

"Later, we went to the Springhead (a pub) and had really nice food. Apparently, (according to Coral) my mum's onion rings were really nice but I didn't try them!" The pub had a sort of nice, old theme. However, when I stepped into the toilet it was completely different. It was a lot more modern and had Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn on it! Then Coral wanted to take a picture of me on one of the poshest chairs I've ever seen! 

Day 6; Monkey world and last day

"Today (for our last day) we decided to do something special, We woke up later then decided to go to Monkey World! My nan couldn't come (dogs weren't allowed, for obvious reasons) but the monkeys were still awesome!" Some of them were really funny, such as a posing monkey which was posing for everyone taking pictures...

Some of them were just plain grumpy, though!

Also, I went on one of the biggest climbing frames in southern England! Seriously, though, what was anyone else going to expect? It is an ape world! Apes climb things... get it? :D

After we went to a little beach and I went in but it was freezing so I decided I would (to my parents dismay) do parkour on some nearby rocks! It was fun and by the end I was quite fast!

When we got back we played a bit of badminton and as the sun set, we saw a beautiful array of colours in the sky. I had to take a picture! It's beautiful and the clouds looked SO FLUFFY!

After that, we went home... I figured I wouldn't make a whole day of that because I didn't have any pictures (due to my camera running out). I did enjoy our camping and I hope you enjoyed reading this blog! I hope you had a good half term and if you didn't (the next one you get) make it fun! Do things that challenge you and make yourself proud and happy. See you soon!

Stella xxx

P.S. Sorry this blog is a little bit later then I thought, it took a little while to put all the pictures in and type everything up! <3