Tuesday, 6 September 2016

First Day At Secondary School

So today was my first day at Secondary school! I was a little bit nervous but mostly excited because it's a big movement forward in my life... it also means I'm getting older X( .

So I will tell you things I liked things I didn't, things I regret and things I'm happy I did.

What I liked:

  • That the teachers were nice (let's just see how long that lasts, though...)
  • That you have a lot of freedom. Not like my primary school where you have to ask to do mostly everything you want to do.
  • That the teachers made the lessons even slightly fun.
Things I didn't like:

  • That you have to ask to take your blazer off,
  • That you have to be absolutely perfect or you get a detention,
Things I regret:

  • That I put too much stuff in my bag thinking I'd need it and I'd get a detention if I didn't bring it when I didn't use any of it (except pens, pencils etc.)
  • That I didn't get dressed for PE quicker (because then my tie ended up being a mess and my shirt was all scrunched up and I had to go on a hunt for the toilet to fix it.)
  • That I didn't have my planner out all the time (It has a map on it...)
Things I'm happy I did:

  • Put my hand up for stuff even when I didn't know the answer (I might have seemed nerdy but you know I'm probably never going to do it again - why not take advantage of this moment?)
  • Acted like I liked the teachers...
  • Talked to people I didn't know.
  • In my break, went on a mini - tour (with my friends... not with an actual tour guide) around the school in our break and after lunch. It definitely helped me get to know the school better!
So yeah, I already love it and I can't wait to go tomorrow. I'm not sure if by next week I'll still feel the same but I feel like next week will be better. At the school I'm going to, there's a two - week rota and next week I have music two days in a row! Yay! I also have a dance lesson! I feel like I can make a new start at the school I'm going to and don't have to worry about stuff I've said before. Even though some people are going to the same school as me, only the people who see me for me are in my main tutor. Other than that it's a new start. I'm so excited. I'm sure most people will have already started their Secondary (maybe a couple years back?) but if you've just started just know that everyone is as nervous as you are and maybe even more. Good luck! Hope you have a great year! If you've already messed up, go and fix it :) You never know... it could get you out of a detention :P