Friday, 11 September 2015

House Captain

           STELLA BLOWS
Post 61: House Captain

So As I Mentioned In My Last Blog (I'll Leave It Down In The "Things In This Blog" Section" I Had A Really Exciting Assembly! Here Is Why!

So We Had To Go Into Our First Assembly Of The Day, And Then Got Sent To Classrooms With Our House Colour (Groups In School, We Have 4, Green, Yellow, Red And Blue!) I'm In Green (The Best House Ever!) And I Decided To Say I Speech!

I Had NO Intention Of Winning, I Just Wanted To Get A Bit More Confidence In Front Of People I Should Already Be Comfortable In!

So My Speech Was Rubbish! I Just Made It Up But Not From The Heart, I Was Too Scared For That!

But I Did It!

Then At 1:00 We Went Back In And Announced The Winners! All The Other Colours Were Announced And Then It Got To Green!

The Boy Was Announced And Then It Was Me! I Could Not Believe It! I Smiled And Smiled All The Time! I Was So Happy!

So I'm Really Happy That I Got It! I'm Not Bragging Or Anything But If Your Reading And Going To My School AND Voted For Me, Thank You!

Heres A Badge That I Got -

Things In This Blog!
Scientist That Breaths Fire Blog?

Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

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