Saturday, 5 September 2015

Questions Answered

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Post 42: Questions Answered

So I Will Probably Do More Then 1 Of These But These Are Just Questions I've Got And Loads Of People Ask Me This So Maybe You Wonder! And I'm Gonna Tell You The Answers!

Whats Your Favourite Song?
I Don't Have One! I Have Different Songs At Different Times! I Like Wildest Dreams At The Mo!
Who's Your Fav Band/Singer?
My Fav Band Is Bastille!
What Do You Like The Most About Blogging?
The Memories That You Write About And Can Keep Forever!
What Inspired You The Most To Start Blogging?
Zoella's Girl Online Book! 
Who's Your Fav Blogger?
This Is Probably Very Typical But Zoella!
Do You Have Any Pets?
No. Mine (Cat) Got Hit By A Car! :(
Do You Play Instruments?
Not Yet! My Dad Says He's Gonna Teach Me How Too! I Did Know Then I Gave Up (DON'T!)
What's Your Fav Song To Sing?
I Like Singing Any Songs That I Can Actually Sing!
Do You Like Sports?
Not Really! I Only Like Badminton! (And Tennis, Maybe)
What's Your Fav App?
Do I Really Have To Answer That!? Obviously Youtube!
Do You Or Have You Ever Swore?
I Think Swearing Is Wrong And Only In Moments I Need To Will I Swear! I Haven't BTW!
What TV Programes Do You Watch?
I Really Like Zoey 101! And H2O: Just Add Water (All Childrens Shows!)

So I Hope You Enjoyed This Blog And If You Want Me To Do Another One Be Sure To Tell Me!

Remember, You Can Even Comment Anonymously! Be Sure To!

Things In This Blog!
Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams
Girl Online

Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

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