Friday, 30 October 2015

Stitches - Shawn Mendes

Post 106: Stitches - Shawn Mendes

So I Have Been Loving This Song So Far It's Seriously On Repeat!

Here's The Song So You Can Listen To It Too! -

Now This Video Is Also Interesting! (If You Don't Know He Gets Kicked And Hurt  By A Carpark Ghost!)

So I Think I Love The Tune Of The Chorus And The Way The Whole Song Fits Together! Also, It's Not About All The Rubbish That's In Todays' Music!

If You Love It Comment Down Below To Tell Other People And Then That Will Be Super Cool And I Will Know I'm Not The Only One Because I Know Other People Are Out There...


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Monday, 26 October 2015

Regional Finals!

Post 101: Regional Finals!

So As Some Of You Will Know I Went To An Open Mic Competition And I Got Through To The Regional Finals, Here's What Happened There!

So I Went In To Register And My Dad Came With Me And You Also Needed A Parent To Stay With You Through The Soundcheck So He Came With Me Again!

And I Just Found Out How Loud The Mic Was And To See Whether You Wanted To Hold It Or Have A Stand And Stuff Like That!

Then We Were Aloud To Leave But Me And My Dad Didn't Because We Had Nothing Else To Do!

At 11:40 We Went Back And My Dad Had To Leave Me Alone, They Gave Us Some Information About The Competition And Told Us Who The Staff Were!

Then It Began.

Every Single Person Was Amazing So I Was Expecting Not To Get Through.

When It Was My Turn I Sang My Song (Somewhere Only We Know, Keane) And I Actually Moved! It Was So Exillerating And I Wanted To Do It Again!

Then Everyone Got A Certificate Anyway (For Getting Through To The Regional Finals)!

And Then We Found Out Who Got Through.

Unfortunatly, I Didn't Get Through But The Competition Was Tough!

I Will Still Carry On Singing And I Will Probably Go Next Year!

And I Know What Song I'll Sing:

Hello By Adele! (But Thats A Whole Other Blog)!

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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Makeup Tutorial

          STELLA BLOWS
Post 100 (Eeek!): Makeup Tutorial!

So Guys We Have Finally Reached 100! (Just Wanna Say Sorry For Not Blogging Yesterday I Needed To Get It Ready!

So As I Said Zoella Does This Alot! And It's Makeup!

I Decided To Do This To Make My Blog A Bit More Open And Exciting And To See If You Guys Like These Makeup Blogs!

So I Used The Accesorize Palette! (Sorry I Don't Know Where It's From, I Stole It From My Mum!) I Think This Palette Is Really Good Because It Has Many Colours (Including Blue And Green) And Not Just Brown And Cream!

It's Also Really Soft And Easy To Apply/ Take Off!

Here Are Some Pics Of What It Looks Like -

I Also Wore This Look To The Disco!

So All Your Gonna Need To Do This Look Is The Eyeshadow Palette I Metioned - No Eyeliner Needed!
  1. Apply The Light Pink Eyeshadow To Your Whole Lid!
  2. Make Sure That The Corners Of Your Eyes Also Have Eyeshadow!
  3. Apply The Black/Brown (If Your A Beginner Use Brown, More Advanced Use Black!) To The Bottom Of Your Lid (Near Your Eyelash) Do It Lightly Then Add!
  4. Smug The Black/ Brown Eyeshadow To Add A Nice Effect!
  5. Apply The Purple Very Lightly On The Top Of Your Lid! This Makes Your Eyes Have A Nice Shape!

And That Is The 5 Steps To Making This Makeup Look! I Hope You Like This And If You Do Try It Out Tag Me In An Instagram Picture (singster_blows) And Use The #stellasfirstmakeuplook!

I'll Be Excited To See Them!

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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Bestie Sleepover!

Post 98: Bestie Sleepover

So I Have A Very Good Reason That I Didn't Blog Yesterday!


So At First I Went To Her House But On The Way We Went To Hedges! (A Really Good Shop!) We Got Some Sweets And Walked To Her House!

Now If You Say You've Never Done This With Your Bestie Then You Should Because It's Exciting!

We Had A Thing Called Mission Sleepover Which Is A Misson To Have A Sleepover!

So We Called My Mum On Her Phone And My Mum Said YES! We Were So Super Happy It Was Cool! (Well Not Cool! Awesome!)

It Was So Much Fun!

We Also Had A Cat Walk!


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Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Next Step

Post 95: The Next Step

So I Love The Next Step! If You Don't Know What It Is, It's A Show On CBBC (But I Always Watch It On IPlayer!) About Dancers..

But They Have A LOT Of Drama Going On In That Studio!

Literally, Something Really Good Happens, Then Something Really Bad Happens!

But That's Why I Like It!

Thats Like The Cover For It, So If You Were To Buy It That's What It Would Look Like (I Think!)

So Yeah...

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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Moulin Rouge - Your Song

Post 94: Moulin Rouge - Your Song

So As Some Of You Will Know I Was Looking For A Song To Sing At The Open Mic UK Competition And I Have Finally Found It!


I'm So Excited!

If You Want To Listen To This Song Here You Go! -

It's Got A Lot Of High Notes, I Know, But I *Think* I Can Pull Them Off!

Apparently (My Singing Teacher From Vocademy, Who Will Be A Judge, Told Me) That I Should Sing A Ballad/ Musical! Well This Is Kinda Both!


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Thursday, 8 October 2015

My Mum

          STELLA BLOWS
Post 93: My Mum

So I Decided To Do A Post About My Mum Because I Know That She Reads My Blogs And This Will Be Funny For Her!

So My Mum Comes (Originlly) From Russia, But He Dad (My Grandad) Was A Military Person So She Had To Keep Moving Around The Country! (Ending Up In Moldova!)

When She Was Around 20, She Got A Boyfriend But Her Parents Hated (Well, Didn't Think He Was Right) Him! So They Sent Her On One Of Them Trips Where You Stay In Someones House!

This Happened To Be My Dad's House (/Nans)

So Thats The Story!

My Mum Also Uploaded A Video To Youtube Of Me Singing The Power Of Love (Giselle Aplin) And My Sister Dancing Stupidly! (It Was All Not Planned!)

And Thats My Mum!

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Monday, 5 October 2015

Moon River (A Galaxy® Duet™)

          STELLA BLOWS
Post 91: Moon River (A Galaxy® Duet™)

So I Was Watching A Youtube Video And I Came Across This Video! Most Of You Have Seen It On The Advert! So Here's A Clip Of It! -

I Just Love This Song Recorded By Channel And Bnxjamin (Which Is A Name Which I Have Never Heard Of Before!)

It's So Beautiful And It's Only For A Galaxy® Advert! If All Songs Were Like This Music Would Be So Much Nicer!

So Bascically It's A Cover Of Moon River By The Honey Trees I Think! But Galaxy Did A Duet And It Sounds Much Better!

Eeeeek! I'm So Happy It Was Recorded!

So Nice!

How Many Times Have I Said So?

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P.S. Really Sorry That I Couldn't Find The Girl! I Searched Everywhere!

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Headteachers Award!

          STELLA BLOWS
Post 87: Headteachers Award!

So Yesterday At School I Got A Headteachers Award! -

As You Can Probably See I Have Blurred Some Parts Out! This Is Because I Don't Want Strangers To Know Which School I Go To! (For Safety Reasons!)

And You Can Probably Also See I Got It For Amazing Writing! 

So I'll Tell You The Story!:

We Were Writing A Recount About Our Trip To Fairthorne Manor! (I'll Leave That Blog Down Below!) And Our Teacher Asked Us "Who Would Like To Read Their Recount Out?" 

I Put My Hand Up! Ya Know?! Just For The Fun Of It!

And She Picked Me!

I Read It Out Feeling Very Scared And When I Had Finished She Said It Was The Best Piece Of Writing She Had Heard All Year!

I Was So Happy! 

Then She Asked Me If She Could Have My Writing "Journal" To Photocopy And Put Into A Book Called The Amazing Outcome Book Where AMAZING Pieces Of Writing Go In And You Can Pick A Prize! I Picked These Candy Scented Loom Bands! - 

They Just Caught My Eye And Are Perfect For Christmas!

After We Went To The Classroom Adjacent To Our One To Share It With The Teacher But He Was Busy So We Went To The Headteachers Office!

I Read It Out To Her And She Looked At Me Sternlly! She Said It Was Impressive But Corrected Me On Some Spelling Mistakes But Seriously! How Was I Supposed To Know How To Spell Phenomenal? (I Used Spell Check For That One!)

Then She Gave Me A Headteacher Award Which Is A Sticker That You Stick On A Piece Of Card And You Get 10 Merits (Merits Are A Little Competition To See Which Class Can Get The Most) And You Got The Certificate That I Showed You! You Also Get To Enter A Little Raffle Which Is Drawn At The End Of The Term!

They (Headteacher And Teacher) Were Talking About Me Reading It Out At The Year 5 Fairthorne Meeting! 

I'm Really Grateful For All Thats Happened And I'm Proud Of My Writing!

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Friday, 2 October 2015


          STELLA BLOWS
Post 86: Instagram

So The Other Day I Created An Instagram Account!

The Logo Is This (Maybe It Will Jog Your Memory!) -

Instagram Is An App (And You Can Get It On PC) Where You Upload Photos Of What You're Doing And You Can Get Followers! 

If You Want To Follow Me And Look At My Account And Posts Then My Account Name Is stella_blows! 

I Just Do Random Things! I Sing, Show My Photography And All That Sort Of Stuff! 

So Far I've Only Got 3 Followers But That Doesn't Matter Becuase You Guys Will Follow Me! 

Just Comment On One Of My Posts Telling Me That You Read My Blogs And I Will Be Super Happy! And We Can Chat And Do Shoutouts And Everything! 

So Thats It! 

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How To Have A Good School Year!

          STELLA BLOWS
Post 85: How To Have A Good School Year!

So I Made This Pic Especially For This Blog (Just Thought I Would, Ya Know?) -

So It's A Bit Late But That Doesn't Matter, Right? You Can Still Apply Them Now To Your Life!

So Don't Care What People Think About You! If You Are Happy With What You Are Doing Just Do It! This Also Includes Wearing Make Up! Don't Wear It Becuase You Want To Impress Some Boy Or Get Into This Group At School! Trust Me, Those People Will Probably Never Come Into Your Life Again! Get Togever With People Who Like You For You!

If There Is A Bully In Your School And They've Started On You Then Just Remember, They Have A Problem Somewhere Else Which Is Causing Them To Pick On You! But They Are The Same As You And Feel Emotions Too! This May Seem Hard But Offer To Take Them Out One Day! If You Can't Then Don't Show Them That Your In Pain! If You Do, They Will Bully You Harder! If You Want To Talk Then Email Me At! I'll Answer Any Questions! I Know How You Feel!

Set Your Self A Challenge! Like, Give Someone A Compliment Every Day Or Do Your Homework Straight Away! Set One To Start With And When You Get Less Busier Then Set Yourself A Second One! These Make You More Organized And Make You Feel Good Inside (Obviously This Depends Which One You Pick) I Pick A New One Every Term Or Half Term To Do As Much As I Can! 

So Thats 3 Tips To Make You Have A Better School Year! If These Work Then Be Sure To Comment Letting Me Know! 

Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

Thursday, 1 October 2015


          STELLA BLOWS
Post 84: Choir

So Earlier Today I Went To Choir! Well School Choir! It Was Really Fun With An Extra Bonus!

So I Went We Sang Songs Including, Power In Me And Gospel Train! (Tell Me In The Comments If You Know Either Of Those Songs!)

And After My Choir Teacher Had Handed Out All The Letters About Going To The O2! (I'll Tell You About That Soon!) She Called Me Over!

And Asked Me If I Wanted To Audition For A Solo Of Once In Royal David City!

Of Course I Said Yes!

So On Sunday (I Think) I'm Going To Be Auditioning! Or Some Time Around Then!

Which Is Super Cool But Now My "Best Friend" Is Laughing At Me Because She Thinks It's Funny I Have To Sing That Song (Which Is Apparently Lame)!

So Yeah Thats It!

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