Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Questions Answered #2

Post 54: Questions Answered #2

So You Guys Seemed To Like My Last One Of These, So I'm Gonna Do Another One!

Who's Your Fav Artist At The Mo?
I'm Loving Hozier! I Got His Album Today And I Love Some Of His Songs!
Which Year Are You In?
I'm In Year 6!
What Are You Thinking About Studying?
Music, Shakesphere And I Don't Know The Other One!
What Secondary School Are You Going To?
Angmaring School!
Are You In A Relationship?
No! But I Have A Couple Of Crushes...
Do You Enjoy Blogging?
I Don't Even Know Why This Question Is Here! Yes! 
Who/What Do You Watch On Youtube?
I Watch Everything! From Minecraft To Music And Beauty To Baking! (Alliteration!)
What Saturday Proggrames Do You Watch?
BGT, X Factor, Keep It In The Family! The List Is Endless!
What's Your Fav Thing About Britney Spears?
I Get Asked This Alot! I Love Her Dancing!
What's Your Fav Colour?
Turquoize/Aqua (My Blog Colour)

So That Was A Little Extra About Me!

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Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

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