Sunday, 28 June 2015

Bad Blood

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Post 6: Bad Blood

For This Blog I Decided That I Would Talk About Bad Blood! But I Didn't Know Which One To Talk About! Thats Right! There Are 2 Bad Bloods!

You May Be Thinking The 2 Versions Of Bad Blood Where Taylor Is Singing But There Is One Called Bad Blood By Bastille! One Of My Favourite Bands!

I Am Talking About The Bad Blood By Taylor Swift Ft Kendrick Lamar And Bastille! I Like Both Of Them The Same And I Wanted To See What You Guys Think!

I've Got Both Of Them On This Blog So If You Haven't Listened To One Of Them (Propably Bastille) Then You Can Listen! Saying That, Both Songs Were (Are) Really Popular So Maybe Not!

So Which One Do You Like The Most? I Prefer The.... Er..... I Can't Even Pick Anymore!

So Anyway Listen To The Songs And Tell Me If You Like Them BOTH And Tell Me Which One You Prefer!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   So Tell Me In The Comments Which One You Like More!
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Blue Peter Badge

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Post 5: Blue Peter Badge

Hello Everyone! Today In This Blog I'm Going To Talk About The Blue Peter Badge That I Got! This May Be Quite A Short Blog!

On March 19 2015 6:58 PM I Sent Blue Peter An Email About The Environment Because I Did Not Know What To Do So I Started With A Subject - The Evironment

My Poem Took About 15 - 30 Mins To Make And Now I Will Tell You The Poem!

We all rip off the world's halo,
From the lowest sea to the tallest rainbow!
It's a rose, a war for love,
Come on humans, we'll lose a dove!
From an ant to an elephant,
Those animals are magnificent!
Love the world, keep the trees,
And animals like moths and flees!
But we have an enemy, global warming,
Lets stop its getting bigger, its forming!
No one can make you,
What?! It's true!
So don't tear off the ocean rose,
But is that really what you chose?

I Know Some Of This Dosen't Exactly Make Sense But I Wrote It Back In March And Now It's June So Yeah!

Then In The Month Of, Well, June I Got A Letter From Blue Peter And I Immediatly Knew What It Was! I Had Got My Badge! Yay!

On (June 27th) I Got My Badge Card Which Allows You To Get Into Some Places For Free! Such As Alton Towers! Its So Cool!

I'm Not Trying To Brag About ANY Of This I Just Thought It Might Be Cool To Talk About

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My Sister

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Post 3: My Sister

Hello Everyone! For My 3rd Blog I Decided To Talk About My Sister Seeing As She's An Interesting Character!

So I Will Begin!

So My Sister's Name Is Coral Blows! Like Coral Reef In Australia! When I Think Of Dramaticness I Think Of Her! She Is Probably The Most Dramatic Person I Have Ever Met!

Coral Absolutely Loves Miranda Sings! She Acts Like Her All The Time! Thats How She Has So Much Confidence!

She May Be Good At Acting But She Can NOT Sing! When She Was Singing Florence + The Machine It Was So Out Of Pitch And Her Voice Sounded Like Her Voice Was Strained!

Her Favourite Dogs Are Pugs! I Think They're Ugly But If You Say That To Her She Gets Really Upset! So Maybe Avoid That!

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A New Start

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Post 2: A New Start  

Hello Everyone! My Name Is Stella And I'm Starting A New Blog!

About 5 Mins Ago I Was Reading Zoella's New (Well New For Me, I Think It's Been Out For About A Year Now!) Book And Penny Writes Alot Of Blogs And It Seems To Help Her

So I Have Decided To Give It A Try And See How It Goes!

I'm Only On Page 200 (I Decided To Stop There Incase I Got A Bit Carried Away!)

Ok So Now I'm Going To Tell You About Me!

My Favourite Thing To Do Is Sing! I'm Inlove With Music (Mostly Pop!) And I Sing All The Time! - At School My Nickname Is Singster (Stella And Sing Put Togever!) - I Don't Have A Favourite Song! - I Don't Like One Direction! - I Go To A Singing School Called Vocademy! 

Now Some Random Stuff That Has Nothing To Do With Music!

I'm Addicted To Gadgets And Youtube! - I Love Using Emojis! - I Love All Animals Even Spiders!

Now Some Social Media Sites!


From Youtube You Can Find Me In Other Places!


My Schedule For Today

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Post 1 : My Schedule For Today 

Basically I'm Just Going To Tell You What I'm Doing Today! I Thought That Because I've Got A Gig Today It Might Be More Exciting Then Other Days!

   1: Get Up
 2: Have Breakfast 
 3: Have A Shower
 4: Dry My Hair 
 5: Get Ready For The Gig
 6: Do My Hair
 7: Change My Earrings
 8: Set Off 
 9: Have A Soundcheck And Rehersel
10: Get Super - Duper Scared
11: SING!
12: I Don't Even Know What I'm Doing After That!
13: Go To Sleep

Okay So I Just Realized That My Day Isn't The Most Exciting Day Ever But It's My Day! 

Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!