Monday, 26 October 2015

Regional Finals!

Post 101: Regional Finals!

So As Some Of You Will Know I Went To An Open Mic Competition And I Got Through To The Regional Finals, Here's What Happened There!

So I Went In To Register And My Dad Came With Me And You Also Needed A Parent To Stay With You Through The Soundcheck So He Came With Me Again!

And I Just Found Out How Loud The Mic Was And To See Whether You Wanted To Hold It Or Have A Stand And Stuff Like That!

Then We Were Aloud To Leave But Me And My Dad Didn't Because We Had Nothing Else To Do!

At 11:40 We Went Back And My Dad Had To Leave Me Alone, They Gave Us Some Information About The Competition And Told Us Who The Staff Were!

Then It Began.

Every Single Person Was Amazing So I Was Expecting Not To Get Through.

When It Was My Turn I Sang My Song (Somewhere Only We Know, Keane) And I Actually Moved! It Was So Exillerating And I Wanted To Do It Again!

Then Everyone Got A Certificate Anyway (For Getting Through To The Regional Finals)!

And Then We Found Out Who Got Through.

Unfortunatly, I Didn't Get Through But The Competition Was Tough!

I Will Still Carry On Singing And I Will Probably Go Next Year!

And I Know What Song I'll Sing:

Hello By Adele! (But Thats A Whole Other Blog)!

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Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

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