Thursday, 22 October 2015

Makeup Tutorial

          STELLA BLOWS
Post 100 (Eeek!): Makeup Tutorial!

So Guys We Have Finally Reached 100! (Just Wanna Say Sorry For Not Blogging Yesterday I Needed To Get It Ready!

So As I Said Zoella Does This Alot! And It's Makeup!

I Decided To Do This To Make My Blog A Bit More Open And Exciting And To See If You Guys Like These Makeup Blogs!

So I Used The Accesorize Palette! (Sorry I Don't Know Where It's From, I Stole It From My Mum!) I Think This Palette Is Really Good Because It Has Many Colours (Including Blue And Green) And Not Just Brown And Cream!

It's Also Really Soft And Easy To Apply/ Take Off!

Here Are Some Pics Of What It Looks Like -

I Also Wore This Look To The Disco!

So All Your Gonna Need To Do This Look Is The Eyeshadow Palette I Metioned - No Eyeliner Needed!
  1. Apply The Light Pink Eyeshadow To Your Whole Lid!
  2. Make Sure That The Corners Of Your Eyes Also Have Eyeshadow!
  3. Apply The Black/Brown (If Your A Beginner Use Brown, More Advanced Use Black!) To The Bottom Of Your Lid (Near Your Eyelash) Do It Lightly Then Add!
  4. Smug The Black/ Brown Eyeshadow To Add A Nice Effect!
  5. Apply The Purple Very Lightly On The Top Of Your Lid! This Makes Your Eyes Have A Nice Shape!

And That Is The 5 Steps To Making This Makeup Look! I Hope You Like This And If You Do Try It Out Tag Me In An Instagram Picture (singster_blows) And Use The #stellasfirstmakeuplook!

I'll Be Excited To See Them!

Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

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