Friday, 2 October 2015

How To Have A Good School Year!

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Post 85: How To Have A Good School Year!

So I Made This Pic Especially For This Blog (Just Thought I Would, Ya Know?) -

So It's A Bit Late But That Doesn't Matter, Right? You Can Still Apply Them Now To Your Life!

So Don't Care What People Think About You! If You Are Happy With What You Are Doing Just Do It! This Also Includes Wearing Make Up! Don't Wear It Becuase You Want To Impress Some Boy Or Get Into This Group At School! Trust Me, Those People Will Probably Never Come Into Your Life Again! Get Togever With People Who Like You For You!

If There Is A Bully In Your School And They've Started On You Then Just Remember, They Have A Problem Somewhere Else Which Is Causing Them To Pick On You! But They Are The Same As You And Feel Emotions Too! This May Seem Hard But Offer To Take Them Out One Day! If You Can't Then Don't Show Them That Your In Pain! If You Do, They Will Bully You Harder! If You Want To Talk Then Email Me At! I'll Answer Any Questions! I Know How You Feel!

Set Your Self A Challenge! Like, Give Someone A Compliment Every Day Or Do Your Homework Straight Away! Set One To Start With And When You Get Less Busier Then Set Yourself A Second One! These Make You More Organized And Make You Feel Good Inside (Obviously This Depends Which One You Pick) I Pick A New One Every Term Or Half Term To Do As Much As I Can! 

So Thats 3 Tips To Make You Have A Better School Year! If These Work Then Be Sure To Comment Letting Me Know! 

Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

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