Saturday, 3 October 2015

Headteachers Award!

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Post 87: Headteachers Award!

So Yesterday At School I Got A Headteachers Award! -

As You Can Probably See I Have Blurred Some Parts Out! This Is Because I Don't Want Strangers To Know Which School I Go To! (For Safety Reasons!)

And You Can Probably Also See I Got It For Amazing Writing! 

So I'll Tell You The Story!:

We Were Writing A Recount About Our Trip To Fairthorne Manor! (I'll Leave That Blog Down Below!) And Our Teacher Asked Us "Who Would Like To Read Their Recount Out?" 

I Put My Hand Up! Ya Know?! Just For The Fun Of It!

And She Picked Me!

I Read It Out Feeling Very Scared And When I Had Finished She Said It Was The Best Piece Of Writing She Had Heard All Year!

I Was So Happy! 

Then She Asked Me If She Could Have My Writing "Journal" To Photocopy And Put Into A Book Called The Amazing Outcome Book Where AMAZING Pieces Of Writing Go In And You Can Pick A Prize! I Picked These Candy Scented Loom Bands! - 

They Just Caught My Eye And Are Perfect For Christmas!

After We Went To The Classroom Adjacent To Our One To Share It With The Teacher But He Was Busy So We Went To The Headteachers Office!

I Read It Out To Her And She Looked At Me Sternlly! She Said It Was Impressive But Corrected Me On Some Spelling Mistakes But Seriously! How Was I Supposed To Know How To Spell Phenomenal? (I Used Spell Check For That One!)

Then She Gave Me A Headteacher Award Which Is A Sticker That You Stick On A Piece Of Card And You Get 10 Merits (Merits Are A Little Competition To See Which Class Can Get The Most) And You Got The Certificate That I Showed You! You Also Get To Enter A Little Raffle Which Is Drawn At The End Of The Term!

They (Headteacher And Teacher) Were Talking About Me Reading It Out At The Year 5 Fairthorne Meeting! 

I'm Really Grateful For All Thats Happened And I'm Proud Of My Writing!

Things In This Blog!

Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

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