Monday, 8 February 2016

Valentine's day

So soon (14th February) it will be Valentine's day! Some of you will be spending this day by yourself (I feel for you) and some of you will have someone who you love (I have NO ONE!)

As you can probably tell, I am planning on doing NOTHING for Valentine's day because there is no one that I actually like.

But I will be doing something not - love - related. It's my best (times that best by a billion) friend's birthday! On the 13th, we are going to out of bounds (clip 'n' climb) for a mini party!


What I will be doing on Valentine's is being happy that I don't have a boyfriend (or anyone that I love, I just don't wanna get hurt!) because when you are 11 it is a little weird to have a boyfriend and people that do barely know what love is!

So if you are young and have a boyfriend think about whether you actually like him or if it's just... kinda fake.

Good luck in your love life! Tell me in the comments if you're doing anything or if you're like me and will be alone (but I'm happy about it, you might not)!

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