Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Moldovian Christmas

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Post 142: Moldovian Christmas

So on the 7th January (yeah, this blog is a little late) it was Moldovian's Christmas!

.. And I am half Moldovian!

Here are some pictures! -

1: This is us, helping ourselves to the pork (I had about 3 pork chops! It's my fav food so...)  
2: What? Coral and I were bored!?
3: This is my mum and nan cooking in the kitchen!
4: This is from when I was talking to my grandparents who live in Moldova! My cousin was so funny!
5: Why did I take a picture of the vegetables?
6: This is all our decorations that we took down after the 7th so we're going to be unlucky (if you're superstitious!)
7: These are my photography books! At that time, I was reading the top one (light and exposure) and they are very helpful! (I recommend them!)

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas and I hope this makes you aware of how different countries have different Christmas'!

Thanks for reading! Stella Blows, out!

P.S. New years is bigger than Christmas and on Christmas they don't give presents! They just spend time with family!  


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