Saturday, 13 February 2016

Motivational Quotes

So recently I have been looking at a lot of motivational quotes and have been making some up myself! They really seem to help in not making me give up and letting me know that everything will be alright in the worst of times. If you wondering which one was mine, go back up to the top and look at the first one! I made that up when I was in the most boring maths lesson and this quote reminded me to not give up.

The other two are quite famous ones - that's why I picked them! Elanor is basically saying, you can't feel bad because of someone, you can only feel bad if you want to which I think is really good! It makes me think (whenever someone says something mean to me) that I am not sad at all and it has helped me stay optimistic! 

Oscar Wilde is also making a very good point. Everyone is different so if you try and be something else, chances are there is already someone like that in the world and you would be copying (and I hate copying) so just be YOU!

You are fabulous just the way you are and I might not even know you but I can tell right now that you are perfect (whoever said no one's perfect is wrong!) just embrace yourself and who you are and no one can get in your way!

Inner - confidence is the most powerful tool :)

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