Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Pancake Day

(Those pics are not mine!!!)

Hello and as you may know it's pancake day today! I, for one, love pancakes! They are just really nice I guess!

I have to say that the best pancakes are by my mum (not just because they are my mum's) because they are soft but not too soft and they are one of the best treats!

If I ever become famous and go on Jamie and Jimmy's cooking show I will cook pancakes as my special and they will taste delicious -  all of their stuff tastes delicious! 

Later on, I will be going to guides and we're making pancakes on top of tin cans which are mini and they taste really nice! If you want to make them too have a look down below! 

You will need a tin can around 500g to make these pancakes and 1 - 2 tea light candles.

You will need to make a hole in the bottom of your tin can to fit your 1 - 2 tea light candles in. Don't make it too big or the warmth will escape! Top tip: start with a small hole and keep checking if your candles will fit to make sure it doesn't get too big!

Then you light your candles, put them under the in the hole and make normal pancake mixture to put on the tin can (make sure the tin is upside - down) and keep checking to see if it is yet a solid object!

Then when it is, get a spoon and carefully lift the pancake of the can and onto a plate and then make some more!

These are really nice (I've tried them before) and I would recommend trying them when a lot of your family come round and more importantly, ON PANCAKE DAY!!!

I hope you have a fun pancake day and  you can email me (stellablowsblogs@gmail.com) or you can comment down below!

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