Wednesday, 11 November 2015

New Camera

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Post 112: New Camera

So As An Early Birthday Present (Yes, It's My Birthday Soon!) I Got A Camera!

Is The Camera New?
No. It's My Mum's Old One But Now She Has An Ipod So She Doesn't Need It Any More!
Why Do You Need/Have A Camera?
If You Didn't Know I Love Photography! That's Why!
Did Anyone Else Get Anything?
Yeah, My Mum Had Another Camera (A Bit Smaller One) And She Gave That To My Sister!
So Will You Always Have Pictures In Your Blog?
If I Daily Blog Then Not Always Because I Won't Always Have A Photo To Go With The Blog, But I Will Try To Put Pictures In My Blog!
Can You Record On That Camera?
Yes, You Can! I Might Do Some Youtube Videos And Stuff Like That!
What Camera Is It?
I Don't Exactly Know What It's Called (Because It Says A Lot Of Different Names!) But It Says, Sony, Cyber - Shot, Carl Zeiss, Vario - Tessar, MPEGMOVIEVX! If You Know What This Camera Is Actually Called (Or Why It Has So Many Names) Then be Sure To Leave It In The Comments!
What Have You Done With Your Camera So Far?
So I Have Taken Some Pictures Of When I Was Walking Home Today With My Friend, And For My Homework - The Beach! I Will Be Putting These Both In A Blog Either Today Or Tomorrow!
Is The Camera Good Quality?
Yes, It Is Better Quality Then A Phone Or Tablet Because You Can Zoom In And Out And It Has Lots Of Different Fonts (I Can't Remember What It's Actually Called) For Different Environments!
Are You Enjoying Your Camera?
Well Obviously! Otherwise, I Wouldn't Be Writing This Blog!

So Be Sure To Stay Tuned For More Blogs With Pictures!

Things In This Blog
My Mum's Youtube!
My Photography Blog
My Youtube
Cyber - Shot Cameras
Carl Zeiss
Vario - Tessar

Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

P.S. That Was A Lot Of "Things In This Blog"!

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