Saturday, 28 November 2015

My Voo - Doo Dolls...

123 My Voo - Doo Dolls...

So After This Blog Most Of You Are Gonna Think I'm Really Creepy...

But I'm Gonna Do It Anyway!

So I Have 3 Voo - Doo Dolls (Which I Have Recently Started To Collect) And So Here Is What They Look Like! -


  1. This Is All Of Them Together!
  2. This Is Voo - Doo - I Got Him First!
  3. This Is Doo - Voo - I Got Him Second!
  4. This Is Voo - Voo - I Got Him Last From A Boy At My School (He Knew I Was Collecting Them...)
So I Find Them Cool And 'Out Of The Box' And If You Want To Start A Collection But Don't Know How Then You Can Comment Or Email Me!

Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

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