Wednesday, 25 November 2015


          STELLA BLOWS

So As People That Watch My Youtube Know, It Was....

MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Love My Birthday!

So I Uploaded A Video Of Everything I Got For My B - Day! Here It Is -

So You Can Watch This And See Everything That I Got!

And Here's A Picture Of All My Pressies! -

And Then We Decided To Go To The Lamb, But Then It Wasn't Open...

So That We Went To The Yeomans For Dinner!

Here Are Some Pictures From The Yeomans (Oh And Videos!)

Here IExplanationsns! - 

  1. There Was A Christmas Section Where Santa (Father Christmas) Will Sit When He Comes And I Thought It Looked Really Pretty So I Decided That I Would Take A Picture!
  2. This Is My Dad And My Sister In A Picture! It Was Double Flash So She Blinked!
  3. This Is Me And My Dad! My Mum Took This (And She's Not Very Good) So It's A Little Blurry!
  4. This Is Coral Sprinkling Some Of The Snow (Fake Snow) That They Had In The Christmas Display!
  5. This Is The Light That Was Above Our Table!
  6. Me Randomly Dancing! I Had To Tell Coral To Stop Because She Was Filming For Too Long!
  7. The Moon Looked Pretty...
  8. Me And My Nan! It Was Double Flash (As I Said) So My Nan Was A Victim Of The Flash...
  9. My Mum By Herself!
  10. This Is My Family Altogether At The Table! Look At My Sister's Face!
  11. And Last But Not Least, This Is My Meal! I Had A Mini Pizza, Criss - Cross Chips And Sweetcorn! How Different...
And Then We Came Back For Cake And Stuff - 

So It Went From Full And Nice To... A Mess!

It's A PiƱata Cake In Case You Were Wondering!

So Hope You Enjoyed My Birthday As Much As I Did!

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Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!


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    1. Glad you like it! I would love to support you!

  2. Happy belated birthday! Nice photos ♥