Saturday, 14 November 2015

Beach Photography

Post 114: Beach Photography

So I Went To The Beach The Other Day Because I Had To Do Some Homework For School And I Chose This!

Here They Are -

So Here's A Little Explanation About Each Of These Pictures!

  1. This Is My Favourite Picture That I Took! It Has 4 Layers, The Sand, Wet Sand, Seaweed And The Sea!
  2. This Was A Puddle In Between Some Rocks!
  3. This Was A Mini Flowing Stream! Our Homework Is About Rivers So I Thought This Would Be Cool, Seeing As Most Rivers Flow!
  4. This Is The Beach From Another Angle! 
  5. This Is One Of Those Photos That Everyone Takes! I Decided To Do It In A Puddle Though!
  6. This Is Coral Climbing On The Rocks! She Wanted Me To Take A Picture Of Her So She Posed And I Took!
  7. This Is The Sea (Which Was Out) And There's A Lot Of Seaweed!
So I Hope You Enjoyed Looking At These Pictures! If You Did, Comment Which One's Your Favourite (You Can Comment Without And Account!) And If You Didn't Like It Then... Still Comment Which One's Your Favourite!

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Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

P.S. In That Last Part I Got Myself In A Weird Position...

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