Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Girl Online: On Tour

          STELLA BLOWS
Post 140: Girl Online: On Tour

So I officially just finished this book by Zoella (of course)

Also (WARNING) if you haven't got to the end or want it and haven't read it yet (basically if you haven't finished it) then if you carry on reading you will find a lot of spoilers! I told about who "TheRealTruth" is and that was one of the main hooks in the story so unless you don't care then don't read!

So anyway...

I really liked the book! I managed to finish it in 2 - 3 days! It was so hooking!

When I found out who "TheRealTruth" was I was a little disappointed. I kind of just imagined that it would be Dean and so it wasn't so much of a surprise but it surprised me that Noah was actually listening and fought for Penny!

So nice!

I also really liked the fact that Zoella wasn't scared to talk about Gay people because she wanted to let everyone know about how it's hard for everyone. And that you should learn to cope with that. I felt like because Penny and Elliott both went through a break up they connected more which I thought was really nice!

This book was so good... and the ending makes me want to read book 3! (PLEASE SAY THERE'S GOING TO BE ONE!)

So if you haven't read it (and just read this blog anyway) then I recommend getting it! It's such a good book to waste your time!

Thanks for reading! Stella Blows, out!

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