Monday, 4 April 2016

Hold Back The River - James Bay + Cover

So this song only has 5 - 6 notes (which makes it easy to learn, hence why I did) and that makes it one of the most simple songs to listen to and sing!

If you haven't heard this song (where have you been?) then here you go -

(Yep live performance :D) 

I decided that seeing as this song is simple it would be good for my first keyboard cover on my youtube! If you wanna listen click here - here
Or if you would prefer to just listen to it right here, right now then here you go - 

Lol! I had to make Coral film this for me and I purposely kept laughing so she would have to restart! I'm a mean person!

Anyway if you would like to sub to my youtube click here 

Also, click there if you wanna see more of my videos ^^^^

I hope you enjoyed, comment on my video or here what songs you would like me to do as a cover and I'll see if I can do them! Thanks for reading!!!

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