Monday, 24 August 2015

What I Look Like

          STELLA BLOWS

Post 22: What I Look Like

Ok So I Was Looking Back At My Blogs And I Realised That I Haven't Shown You What I Look Like! So You May Stop Reading My Blogs When You See Me, That Would Be Sad :(

So I'm Sorry This Isn't A Very Good Camera I Took It Online! (The Camera's Online? Seriously?)

So Here You Go...

So Yes Some Features...

I Have Big Front Teeth! People Call Me Bugs Bunny!

I Have Short Brown Hair! My Hair Is Lighter Then It Is In The Picture But As I Said, Online Cameras!

I Like Denim Clothing I'm Also Wearing These Denim Jeans...

Yes I Am A Fan Of Denim!

I Have Greeny - Browny Eyes! I Used To Have A Really Green Colour But Now Its Got Browner!

So This Is A Bit More About Me And Hopefully I Will Be Posting More Pictures Of Me On My Blog For You But I Don't Have A Camera And Yeah...

Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

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