Saturday, 25 July 2015

Baba And Geda

           STELLA BLOWS

Post 8: Baba And Geda

Hey Guys! A few Days Ago My Gran And Grandad Came Over From Moldova! Oh Yeah! I Forgot To Tell You! Im Half Moldovian! So Heres Whats Happened So Far...

Also Im Sorry I Havent Done A Blog In A While I Havent Had Time To Get Onto My Computer!

Okay So On The First Day That They Came I Had Gone To My Grandma's (Nana's) For A Sleepover So That I Wouldn't Be A Hassle On The First Day That They Came! When We Got Back (My Sister Went As Well) They Showered Us In Kisses And Gifts!

On The Second Day Geda And Baba Got Into A MASSIVE Fight And My Mum Got Hooked In! My Mum Went For A Walk And Baba Said (In Russian) "If You Dont Turn Around Now Im Gonna Kill Myself" My Mum Continued To Walk Out! Me, Coral And My Dad Were All In The Living Room So We Didnt Know What Was Going On!

By The Time My Mum Came Back Baba Was Gone! She Had Either Killed Herself OR She Had Run Away. My Mum Had Some Time Alone But Geda, He Didnt Even Care! That Struck Me! We (Me Mum And Coral) Went Out Into The Pouring Rain. We Split Up And Hoped That She Was Still Alive! 

Luckily, Halfway Down The Path She Was There! Drenched In The Rain That Had Poured Down On Her! My Mum Gave Her A Coat And Came Back Inside!

Sorry If This Scared You A Little Bit But It Actually Happened!

I Love Everyone In My Family Even With The Regrets And Flaws Inside Of Them! And I Dont Judge Baba Because Sometimes I Feel Like Commiting Suicide, But I Never Would! I Dont Want To Hurt The People Around Me!

Thanks For Reading! Stella Blows, Out!

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