Sunday, 28 June 2015

A New Start

                                  Stella Blows 

Post 2: A New Start  

Hello Everyone! My Name Is Stella And I'm Starting A New Blog!

About 5 Mins Ago I Was Reading Zoella's New (Well New For Me, I Think It's Been Out For About A Year Now!) Book And Penny Writes Alot Of Blogs And It Seems To Help Her

So I Have Decided To Give It A Try And See How It Goes!

I'm Only On Page 200 (I Decided To Stop There Incase I Got A Bit Carried Away!)

Ok So Now I'm Going To Tell You About Me!

My Favourite Thing To Do Is Sing! I'm Inlove With Music (Mostly Pop!) And I Sing All The Time! - At School My Nickname Is Singster (Stella And Sing Put Togever!) - I Don't Have A Favourite Song! - I Don't Like One Direction! - I Go To A Singing School Called Vocademy! 

Now Some Random Stuff That Has Nothing To Do With Music!

I'm Addicted To Gadgets And Youtube! - I Love Using Emojis! - I Love All Animals Even Spiders!

Now Some Social Media Sites!


From Youtube You Can Find Me In Other Places!


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