Saturday, 30 July 2016

Film reviews | Finding Dory

So I have decided (after watching this film) to do a blogging series called Film Reviews! If you like this series then be sure to comment and tell me! In case you were wondering, I won't be telling you about the whole film, just some parts that weren't important to the story or parts that you'll already know about from the times you've glanced at the tv when the trailer was on!

So Katie (you can check our her blog here, they're pretty good!) invited me to go and watch this with her. I'm not going to lie, at first, I thought it was really babyish but then I looked at some more trailers online and I fell in love with it. It's such a cute yet emotional film.

The basic storyline is that Dory suddenly thinks that she must have a family somewhere out in the ocean so she sets off to find her parents. Along the way she slowly remembers about her childhood which helps her along the way. She travels with Marlin, Nemo and finds other friends along the way such as Hank. 

Personally, my favourite character is Gerald. His face is so... weird and he's always got a bucket. 

I also think that Disney's next film should be... 

Don't judge me. I want to see a film about how he got hit by a bus and his face got disfigured. He's hilarious and definitely brings the film to life and adds humour. 

Altogether I think this film is a great family film. It's heart - warming and anyone can watch it whether you're 2 or 95.

The colours are very vibrant and the characters all have very bold personalities which made it easier to relate to the characters.

The only criticism I would give it is that a lot of the same stuff happened more than once. Such as how she got stuck in the pipes more than once. Other than that I think the film is fantastic.

If you enjoyed this review and you want me to do more then comment any films you'd like me to watch. Hope you have/had a good day! Bye <3

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